The Room Charoenkrung 30 – The Heritage of Living Legacy Campaign

Land & Houses

Living life on the city’s legendary road.

There may be many modern neighbourhoods and roads in Bangkok but there could only be one ‘first’ modern road. DINSOR was appointed to freely create a communication campaign for The Room Charoenkrung 30 from Land & Houses. The team decided to create the communication around the heritage’s value of Charoenkrung Road (the first modern road—concrete—built in Thailand) and its 150 years worth of history along the city’s bloodline, Chao Phraya River.

Hence the project headline ‘The Heritage of Living Legacy’ seems fitting. Because not only the road is deemed the first and dated back over a century but still remains important to the city until today. The key visual is the genuine picture of the Chareonkrung Road when it first opened. Remade by the specific hand-drawn technique to reflect to the contrast of the heritage of the location and the modern style of condominium itself. Additionally, apart from brochure and invitation, a lifestyle map also created to promote the unique blend of the modern lifestyle and the area’s century-old traditions.